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Fall 2010 Registration Information


To find your time assignment, go to CU Connect/Courses/Register for Fall 2010. This will take you to the new system, at which point you will re-enter your identikey login. Then select the “Student” tab at the top, and “Register for Classes” under the academic resources. You time assignment DAY will be at the righthand side of the screen in the “Enrollment Dates” box; click on the “details” arrow to find the exact time you can register.


Again, go into the new system and look at the section above your enrollment time. If you have any stops they will be listed here. Click on “details” to find out where to go to have the stop lifted. (Note: if you are on probation, do not contact your “Dean’s office”; instead, make an advising appointment with me at aac.colorado.edu.)


There are three boxes to check to verify your emergency contact information. Phone, Address and Relationship. If you have trouble getting past this section make sure you check that you’ve selected all the boxes for verification.


This is the button above your Stop/Hold information. Click on “Search for Classes” and use “Additional Search Criteria”.


-Load up your shopping cart right now with a bunch of possible courses! The “Shopping Cart” feature is below your current schedule on the main page when you first go in to register.

-Enter “Boulder Main Campus” as your campus, and “Undergraduate” as your course career.

-To find Lower Division classes, you may want to use the Course Number selection, “less than or equal to” and type in “2999.”

-To find Upper Division classes, you may want to use the Course Number selection, “greater than or equal to” and type in “3000”.

-To find CORE courses, look under “Additional criteria”; you’ll see this under Class Attribute, and the second selection down (Boulder A&S Core Requirement). Then select the CORE you’re looking for. -Always click all the way thru to the course description so you can check the restrictions and pre-requisites for a course before you add it. Click on a Green Arrow next to a class to see multiple sections of a class.

-If you type in a course number and it gives you an error message saying that you need to still type in the exact course number, the class you are looking for may not be offered next semester.

-Remember, the system will not stop you from enrolling for courses you do not have the pre-requisite for; but instructors may decide to drop you from the class unless you get prior permission.

-The Shopping Cart feature will allow you to put together a theoretical schedule in advance of your registration date. It WILL NOT RESERVE COURSES for you. (Think Amazon: you haven’t bought the books until you’ve checked out.) However, once your registration time arrives, if these classes still have space you can just add them by registering for your shopping cart selections.

From here… have fun! I HIGHLY suggest you figure out how to use this system BEFORE your registration time assignment. Otherwise you’ll be spending lots of time searching courses when you could just be adding them.

The Registrar’s office also has a video demo for the new system, if you need help:


Additionally, a few help sessions will take place next week (April 5-9). I will send out dates/locations as I learn of them. Please plan to attend one if you anticipate needing help with the new system!


Use your DARS audit before you register. Instructions for accessing DARs are here:


-IMPORTANT NOTE: After you add classes in the new system, they WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR DARS AUDIT. This does not mean that you are not registered correctly. This just means that the new registration system will not upload to DARS until late May.


It is a good idea to put yourself on a waitlist. Please do not contact instructors or myself about your waitlist position – we are not able to make changes.

HOW TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME (Most of you already know how to do this)

* Log in with your identiky at https://aac.colorado.edu/

* Click on “individual appointment with your current advisor.” You

will then see all the open appointments on my schedule.

* Click next to a time slot to sign up.

* If there are no appointment times listed that means all of my

appointments are full.

* Because of the limited availability of our major courses, register as soon as you are able, even if you have not met with me. Then, make an appointment with me to follow up if you are still having questions.