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Uni Hill Elementary ~ Wardenburg Collaboration Program ~ looking for CU students to work w/ K-4th graders


This year, Community Health is piloting a program in collaboration with University Hill Elementary School to deliver a program to help elementary school students, kindergarten through 4th grade, learn skills to help them work in a group and avoid unproductive conflict at school.

This school is a bilingual (Spanish/English) program that has a high proportion of students from families with few economic resources. The Boulder Valley School system has had significant budget cuts recently, and this program was at risk for being cut due to staffing shortages.

This collaboration is a chance to contribute to our community, to get experience in a school, to connect with elementary aged students, and to help teach skills that have been shown to increase learning and retention. You can also help students see college students in action, and help them see college as a viable option. The Community Health program has chosen to invest in this pilot project because of a programmatic commitment to health equity, and the clear correlation between achievement and retention in school, and lifelong health.

This collaboration requires a few students (5-8) to successfully complete an application process, attend a training and commit to following a class of students all year, delivering 4 sessions to the same children in the same class during the school year. (Multiple class commitments are possible). Spanish fluency is a plus, but not required. Because of the high level of skill required for this program, and the commitment to follow through with the children, candidates who are not truly interested and invested should not apply.

Interested people should contact Lee Scriggins (info below)

Lee Scriggins, LCSW | Strategies and Implementation
Community Health, Wardenburg Health Center
207 UCB Boulder, CO 80309-0207
University Memorial Center Rm. 414
direct (303) 492-4024 main line (303) 492-2937

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