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Sept. 10th, Friday LAST DAY to Add without Petition, etc.


Deadline (5:00 p.m.) to add a course without petitioning your dean.  NOTE: Instructors’ signature is required on an enrollment form to add a course.  In general, instructors only approve an add if students have been regularly attending and there’s space in the course.  (See Drop/Add) (NOTE:  September 10 is also the deadline for undergraduate resident students to add a course and be eligible for the COF voucher for that course.  See COF.)

Deadline to change variable-credit hours, pass/fail, and no-credit status on courses without petitioning your dean.  After the deadline, petitions will only be accepted if there are extenuating circumstances. (See Credit and Grading Options)

After this date, registration is on a space-available basis, and a $100 late fee is charged.  (See Late Registration)

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