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Volunteer Opportunities at the GLBT Center


Volunteer Opportunities at the GLBT Resource Center

Looking to get involved?  The GLBT Resource Center is currently looking for volunteers. The Resource Center offers two volunteer opportunities:

Outreach Volunteers

Main duties include staffing the center, welcoming visitors to the centers, fliering, tabling at the UMC or other outreach events, and other duties as assigned.  Training for new outreach volunteers is ongoing and takes approximately 2 hours.  To request an outreach volunteer application, email Kevin Correa at Kevin.Correa@colorado.edu.

Peer Educators

Peer educators present to classrooms (on and off campus) about gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, help plan educational events and workshops and provide other general education to peers on issues related to the GLBT community.  Requires a minimum 1-semester commitment.  Training to take place Sunday, Sept. 19.  To request a peer educator application, email cuglbtpeers@gmail.com.