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really REALLY FREE market ~ Wednesday, Oct. 20th 9am-4pm


The time has come for another Really Really Free Market on campus!

Date: Wednesday, October 20th
Time: 9am-4pm
Place: UMC fountain area
Cost: trick question!

Free clothes, books, school supplies, (maga)zines, services, music, art, and conversation. Give away what you don’t want, take what you need. No money, no barter, no trade.

Bring your stuff to the event, or to drop off donations beforehand:
-Bring to UMC 348 on monday, Oct 18th between 10am and 2pm.
-email 180-11@lists.riseup.net to work something else out

Please DO share any clothes, books, appliances, artwork, services (sewing, music lessons, massage, haircuts, jokes…etc), bikes, and other odds n ends. Do NOT bring any large furniture that we won’t be able to haul away at the end of the day.

Why?? Because…
In modern free market economics, prices are determined by competition between privately owned businesses that is unrestricted by government. This system is inherently flawed: it produces profits for individual rather than collective needs, exploits many to the benefit of few, and perpetuates a culture in which happiness is defined by consumerism. Neither human beings nor resources are really free in this model. Plus, giving is FUN.

So, let’s create a new system!

Hosted by the Indigenous Support Network and 180*11

Visit 180degreeshift.org for more info or email 180-11@lists.riseup.net