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Instructions on How to Drop a Course (Late Drop)


The Scoop:
As long as you’re NOT a double-degree student who is also enrolled in another college (Engineering, Journalism, Business, etc.), you can withdraw from a class through the “Arts & Sciences Late Drop” form on myCUinfo. You don’t need permission from the instructor or your academic advisor (though it’s always a good idea to consult with your advisor before dropping a course). Be aware that you will have a “W” (for “withdrew”) on your transcript, and you will not receive a tuition refund. Check out the consequences of dropping a class for a more detailed discussion of these issues.

How to do it:
1. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll need to either (a) get on a PC, or (b) use one of the SCARPIE terminals on campus. (Because of compatability issues with Macs and the latest version of Adobe Reader, the online Late Drop form won’t work unless you make some fancy changes to your computer. Frankly, it will be much easier to just use one of the SCARPIE terminals. They have been configured for this already.)
2. Log in to myCUinfo and go to the “Student” tab.
3. Open the expander next to “Registrar Forms.” (Show me!)
4. Click on “Arts & Sciences Late Drop.” (Show me!)
5. Depending on your browser settings, the Late Drop form will either open in a new window/tab or download to your hard drive. If it downloads, the filename will be be something like “acroformtemplate.pdf.” Double-click it, and it should open in Adobe Reader. (If you don’t have an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader, download it here.)
6. The top part of the form should already be filled out with your name, student number, and other information. Just make sure everything is correct.
7. Carefully read the bullet points on the form and check each box. (Show me!)
8. Type in the number of the course you want to drop (including section number). (Show me!)
9. Enter your e-mail address so you can get a confirmation e-mail. (Show me!)
10. Click “submit.” (If you experience technical difficulties at this point, call the Registrar’s Office at 303-492-6970 or go to their office, Regent 105.)
11. Print the PDF for your records.
12. Make sure you get a confirmation e-mail.

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