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Teach for Sustainability ~ Spring Course ~ ENVS 3930


Want to make a positive impact on future generations?

Looking for experiential learning opportunities?

“Teach for Sustainability” is an innovative 3-credit internship that provides students with hands-on experience helping their community and environment. Students will teach principles and practices of sustainability to young people in Boulder County schools and beyond. The mission of Teach for Sustainability is promoting environmental awareness, sustainability and scientific achievement by focusing on children’s personal connection to nature through sustainable actions.

This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to make the broad concept of sustainability relevant and practical within their schools, homes and communities. As part of this internship you will teach an 8-11 week curriculum to elementary and middle students. “Teach for Sustainability” is offered as a 3-credit class through the Environmental Studies department during this upcoming Fall semester 2010. No teaching experience is necessary.

Please email earthed@colorado.edu for more information or to sign up for the course.