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Fall 2011 enrollment through the Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Education (CCEE)


Fall 2011 Course Offering
CCEE courses fulfill non-business electives. Upper-division (60 credit hours), non-business majors may enroll. No prerequisites.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ESBM 3100 TR 9:30 to 10:45, 3 credit hours

  • Introduction to the entrepreneurial process, from idea to enterprise creation
  • Learn how entrepreneurs create a new venture, given distinctive interests, aptitudes, abilities, and values
  • Explore different venture models and learn how to assess new venture opportunities
  • Develop skills to create innovative solutions to a societal problem or need

Principles of Business for Entrepreneurs
ESBM 3200 TR 12:30 to 1:45, 3 credit hours

  • Provides a basic understanding of the business principles required to start and grow an entrepreneurial venture
  • Focus is on two aspects that are critical to the success of a new venture: marketing and financial management
  • These principles may apply to any enterprise, but this course centers on the context of small and early stage ventures

Writing a Venture Plan
ESBM 4100 TR 2:00 to 3:15, 3 credit hours

  • Engage in the rigorous and challenging process necessary to take an idea from an unproven concept to a viable enterprise
  • Develop strategies in core areas of marketing, operations, management, risk, and finance
  • Course emphasizes effective written and oral presentations of the venture plan

Visit “Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Education” at http://leeds.colorado.edu/deming for more information.