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CIRCLES Project: Boulder County projects and internships


The Circles Campaign is a national innovative model whose goal is to end poverty through engaging the entire community and all the sectors that comprise the community. Our goal is to generate communities of opportunity by partnering with local and multinational business partners, local governments, communities of faith and non-profit communities to address both individual and systemic barriers that keep people in poverty.  We have teams made up of people from all these sectors that support the campaign as a whole as well as individual Circle leaders who make up the heart of the Campaign. These teams engage the community in ways that are aligned to what the national office has charted for those teams.

The project will most likely be a summer and fall initiative involving 2-3 hours a week.

If you  know of anyone who would be interested in this project, please have them contact Susan Mann, smann@bouldercounty.org and Eilberto Mendoza, Circles Coordinator, 303-441-1503.