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Volunteer with International Students ~ Be a Conversation Partner (International English Center)


The Conversation Partner Program is an informal volunteer opportunity that encourages intercultural education and friendships between Americans and English language learners. This program is open to anyone who speaks English. Volunteers do NOT need to know a foreign language to participate.

Volunteers are asked to meet at least 1 hour per week for every partner they request. Volunteers may meet with just one student or more students depending on the desired time commitment. Meetings can involve anything that interests both people, from getting coffee or lunch together to going hiking. The volunteer time frame is a minimum of eight weeks. At the end of the first eight weeks there is the option to continue the program with the same partner, request a new partner, or they may also choose to terminate their volunteerism. We will match volunteers according to their interests and availability of students at the IEC. Currently we have students from over 20 countries, however there is no guarantee that volunteers will be matched with someone from their preferred countries or region. They should keep in mind that if they only want a partner from a specific region or who speaks a certain language they may not be matched with someone.

To apply to be a Conversation Partner please fill out an application and return it to the International English Center by email (convpart@colorado.edu) or dropping it off on “the hill” at the address below. I have attached the application form to this email. I appreciate your time and I hope you have a great first week of classes! Sincerely, Stephanie Ahlgrain Conversation Partner Program Coordinator International English Center 1030 13th St. Boulder, CO 80309 303-492-5547 convpart@colorado.edu