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Study Skill Workshops ~ Oct. 10-14th


Winning at Math:  Exam Preparation

Oct. 10, Mon., 5-6:30pm,        Fleming 104

Learn how to organize and focus when studying for a math exam and optimize your performance!  Bring:  Exam schedule, topics for next exam, review sheet, 3 most recent graded homework assignments, most recent graded quiz, textbook, practice exam. Free Pizza

How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively:

Oct. 10, Mon.,   3:30-5pm,    PORT(MCDB) A1B60

Oct. 13, Thurs.,   3:30-5pm,    PORT(MCDB) A1B60

These three identical workshops are designed to give participants the tools to succeed in Anatomy and Physiology courses. Using research on how people learn, we will identify misconceptions, and work on developing effective learning strategies. Whether you are a good student wanting to become better, or are struggling, these workshops are for you!

Don’t Panic!  Test Anxiety/Stress Management:

Oct 11, Tues., 2-3pm,         Fleming 265B

Stress and anxiety are often synonymous with taking exams.  Some anxiety can aid performance, but too much can interfere.  Learn tools you can utilize to help you; we will review related study skills strategies and direct calming techniques which can be applied while taking tests.  It’s never too early, or too late, to practice these tried and true methods for stress management—be ready for whatever comes your way this semester!