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BELLAS presents “Latinas Sin Barreras” Workshops & Events ~ Oct 24th – 27th


BELLAS would like to invite you to “Latina sin Barreras” event.

Latina sin Barreras revolves around how to break down and overcome social barriers that can impact individuals daily lives.

On Monday Oct 24th “Building Bridges” is a workshop that addresses the impacts of having to assimilate into the U.S. society that can lead to depression, Latina’s having a higher risk to suicides in the U.S. and other everyday social problems that effect students on a daily bases.

Tuesday Oct 25th we will be showing a film titled “Voces Inocentes.”

Wednesday Oct 26th “Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Body” is a workshop around body image and the impacts that it has on males and females.

Monday Oct 24 – “Building Bridges” HLMS 141 @ 6pm

Tuesday Oct 25 – “Voces Inocentes” HLMS 201 @ 7pm

Wednesday Oct 26 – “Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Body” HLMS 237 @ 6:30 pm

Thursday Oct 27 – Informational EDUC 132 @ 7pm