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Study Skills Workshops Feb 16th – Feb 23rd


Student Academic Services Center

Fleming 184

(303) 492-8761



Two Heads are Better Than One:

    Setting up Productive Study Groups


Feb. 16, Thurs, 2-3pm, Fleming 294


Learning Strategies that work!

Feb. 22, Wed., 1:30-2:30pm, C4C N215


Focus on:  Anatomy Lab- The in’s & out’s of preparing for tests

Feb. 22, Wed., 5-6pm, Fleming TBD



How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively*

Feb. 23, Thurs., 11am–12:15pm, MCDB PORT B436


Test Prep: Midterm Tune Up

        Feb. 23, 3-4pm, Fleming 294

 Focus On…….

Learn from experienced students/tutors about how to study successfully for the specific class area.  Covered topics: methods of study, note-taking, preparing for tests … bring your questions.  This is not for content/material, but for helping you to focus the best study habits for your class possible!




How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively

We will present four identical workshops are designed to give participants the tools to succeed in Anatomy and Physiology courses.  Using research on how people learn, we will identify misconceptions, and work on developing effective learning strategies.  Whether you are a good student wanting to become better, or are struggling, these workshops are for you!