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Word Verses World Poetry Slam

If you have something to say, say it like you mean it @ this MONTHLY Open Mic! Started 2|2|12 @ 6:30PM
Artists seeking different forms of expression together to form a great outlet for creativity! More often than not thoughts and feelings just remain on the page or in their first form. Not anymore.Let the subject matter range anywhere from personal to political, anger, hope, love, passion; bring your guitar, tap a beat with your drums, sing your poems, dance to the words you’re reciting. You have a lot to say and now you have a conscious, artful, community-oriented place, to share your thoughts.

Provides an opportunity for artists and audience a chance to reflect on the words being shared, which can often mean very different things based on life-experiences. This is a place where everyone can feel welcome to speak their truths and never feel persecuted for their stories. 

Come and share your voice and your heart to fellow poets, or just come and be inspired by the words that your fellow peeps are speaking. Everyone is welcome to come, share, listen, bring a friend, or two, or three, and find other people eager to uncover vocal expression.

Directions: To help you find The We’re House, please take note of the directions below. It’s right near Avery Brewing. Turn right after the Car Wash Open sign. 
Keep STRAIGHT until you see HUGE SILVER brewing bins on the RIGHT.
Turn RIGHT in the alley BEFORE you reach them. 
The “We’re House” is going to be on the 1st corner on your LEFT.
Area is well lit! Signs will be up! There will be plenty of FREE parking!

Also, for more information please visit http://www.facebook.com/wordversesworld and www.one-action.org
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