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SOCY Summer Classes Taught By World-Class Faculty


Great SOCY summer courses! Taught by world-class faculty

Learn from prestigious, world-class faculty that will be teaching at our campus in the summer. These renowned scholars bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and perspective to the classroom that will challenge and inspire your thinking.

Summer Registration Start March 7th

Environment and Society
SOCY 2077, 3 semester hours, Section 001, Class No. 16316
Session M: May 14-June 1, 2012

Our lives and society are closely tied to the environment and natural
resources, and through our daily actions we can cause both environmental degradation and support environmental solutions. In this introductory course we will examine the ways in which our contemporary society depends on natural resources from around the world and the ways that social institutions create environmental problems and attempt to solve them.

Credit not granted for this course and SOCY 3091. Approved for arts and
sciences core curriculum: ideals and values.

Terry Mills
Morehouse College, Georgia
Terry Mills is the Dean for Research at Morehouse College. Professor
Mills completed his PhD from the University of Southern California where
he conducted research on the USC Longitudinal Study of Generations
at the Andrus Gerontology Center. He is a fellow of the Gerontological
Society of America. His research focuses on social, environmental,
and physical health factors associated with late-life depression and
intergenerational relationships.


Sociological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
SOCY 3161, 3 semester hours, Section 200, Class No. 13225
Session B: July 10-August 10, 2012

As a general overview of what constitutes race and ethnicity in the U.S., this course will familiarize students with the basic premise of social analyses of distinctive racial and ethnic groups. We will discuss some of the current understandings of race; explore the continuous role immigration plays in redefining social and ethnic categories and begin to notice how whiteness studies have emerged. Recommended prereq., SOCY 1001.

Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
American University, Washington, DC

Professor Vidal-Ortiz is currently at American University. He has received
many awards for his research, including a Fulbright Scholarship in Bogata
regarding sexuality, race, and migration. He has been a pioneer and
leading figure in the teaching of gender, sexuality, and migration and is
an excellent instructor.

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