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Work for BPD Victim Advocate Team


Work for Police Departments Victim Advocate Team

The Boulder Police Department is currently accepting applications to become a part of the volunteer
Victim Advocate team. BPD Advocates work closely with police officers, providing support and assistance to community members who have become victims of crimes, accidents, natural disasters or other critical events.
Boulder Police Advocates help over 400 people a year. They respond to fires where people have lost their
homes or irreplaceable possessions; They sit with grieving family members who have just lost a loved one; and they assist victims of assault, robbery and theft. They help people re-establish their support systems, provide valuable information and referrals, lend a supportive shoulder and a listening ear.

A required 40 hour training to prepare volunteers to become Victim Advocates is provided. The training, which starts April 3rd, is a great learning experience that covers a wide variety of subjects. Crisis intervention skills, community resources, active listening and information about emotional responses to grief and trauma are just a few of the topics discussed.

If you are interested in learning more about this valuable opportunity, or becoming a part of this critically
important volunteer service, please contact

Susan Townley Townleys@bouldercolorado.gov

You can also visit http://www.bouldercolorado.gov to learn more or download an application.

The application deadline is Monday March 30th.

Position Description

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Provide crisis intervention by phone and/or in person to victims of crime and survivors of tragedy in
the city of Boulder
2. Provide support and inform victims of case status
3. Connect victims with appropriate resources and referrals
4. Conduct case management; retrieve and review case reports
5. Send appropriate literature to victims, follow up with officers and detectives, and assess any other
follow-up requirements
6. Complete necessary paperwork

Qualifications: Must be at least twenty-one years old; have an open, non-judgmental attitude with genuine concern and empathy for crime victims and tragedy survivors; able to cooperate with police, staff and other agencies; excellent interpersonal communication skills, and a high comfort level with telephone
interactions; ability to work with minimal guidance. Advocates must have their own transportation and telephone, and be willing and able to follow regulations for appropriate Victim Advocate behavior. Any of the following will disqualify any applicant from consideration: Any prior felony conviction; the recent commission of a felony, or any non-traffic misdemeanor; or a current case in the system.

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