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You have only until 5pm, Friday March 23rd, to drop a course form
your schedule by utilizing the late drop form found in your
MyCUInfo portal. After the 23rd, all students will need to petition
the Dean’s Office to request a late drop. Please do not take this
step as petitions are rarely approved (unless specific extenuating
circumstances are identified) and can be quite a lengthy process.

If you are unsure as to whether it is in your best interest to drop
a course from your schedule prior to the deadline, please be in
contact. at your convenience. If for whatever reason you feel you
need to drop a course from your schedule before the deadline, please
follow the directions below.

As you navigate through the following steps, please allow your
computer enough time to process as some students hurry through the
submission of the online form and shut down the webpage that is
processing the request. This results in the late drop request not
making its way to the Registrar’s Office for processing. At any
rate, know this is a pretty simple procedure as long as all steps
are followed.

1. Log in to your MyCUInfo portal and click on the “Student” tab.

2. On the bottom right side of the page you will see a “+” sign
linked on Registrar Forms. Click the “+” sign and then click on the
Arts & Sciences Late Drop link.

3. The Late Drop form will load. You will see the form will already
contain some of your demographic information. You will need to check
all the requested boxes and then enter the course information for
the class you would like to drop – subject code, course number and
section number. In example, ASTR (subject), 2030 (course number) and
001 (section number).

4. If the course you intend to drop has a recitation or lab
component, please check the associated box on that line.

5. Click the grey Submit button. This is when it takes awhile for
the page to process. You know all went well if, after processing,
you see a screen shot stating “Thank you for your submission.” At
that point, an email is also automatically generated and sent to
your CU account informing you that your request was received.

6. The Registrar’s Office will process your request and then you
should receive a follow-up email informing you that the course has
been dropped from your schedule.

7. If you feel your late drop form was not processed or you have
concerns about using a computer to process this request, please
visit the Registrar’s Office in person or contact their office at

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