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Volunteer with Bayaud Enterprises (Job Training) – Mentor or Fundraiser

A project possibility for your students who are interested in working with people with developmental  disabilities. Bayaud Enterprises is a long standing, excellent non-profit which provides training and employment opportunities to those who are developmentally disabled. The agency is Denver based , though one of the positions is here in Boulder at the National Institute for Standards and Technology on Broadway (close to campus). Bayaud’s clients do all the janitorial work there. The second position involves fundraising focused on Bayaud’s big special event next May. If you are interested in either or both, please have them contact Benn Stebleton  ( info below)



Janitorial Mentor


Tribute Luncheon Committee Member


Benn Stebleton

Volunteer Coordinator

Bayaud Enterprises, Inc.

333 West Bayaud Avenue

Denver, CO  80223

Phone 303 830-6885 x328  Fax 303 830-6653




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