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Spanish Club Nov 7th 6pm

Join Spanish Club at our next club meeting – tema: slang & colloquialisms! This is a great way to practice your Spanish and learn some of the fun jerga used in different parts of the world. As always, there will be snacks, amigos, and lots of Spanish!
Please note that our club meeting time has changed to 6pm and we will be in UMC 386.

“Like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @CUBSC, and visit our new website at cuspanishclub.org.

¡Nos vemos allá!



More Community INVST Studies Spring Courses 2013

Community Studies, Spring Courses 2013
INVS 1523 — Civic Engagement: Democracy as a Tool for Social Change. Taught by The
Honorable Dorothy Rupert, former Colorado State Senator, Mondays 6-8:30 pm in KOBL 102
Educates and inspires students for civic engagement by exploring democratic values and the rights and
responsibilities of citizenship. Develops theoretical knowledge and practical skills for participating in a
diverse democratic society, especially at the state level, through analyzing legislative issues, making policy
recommendations, and advocating for change. (3 credits) Approved for Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum:
United States Context.
INVS 2919/ EDUC 2919 — Renewing Democracy in
Communities and Schools. Taught by Elaina Verveer.
Section 801 meets Mondays 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Section 802 meets Mondays 6:00pm – 7:30pm in
Education 143
This service-learning course will change your life! Examines
concepts of citizenship, democracy, power, and diversity
through classroom discussions and participation in a local
Public Achievement project. Along with taking a class at
CU, spend time each week doing community service with
local primary & elementary school students, helping them
design community-based projects to make a positive
difference. Through community-based partnerships,
students will develop leadership skills; dialogue with diverse
groups of people; identify multiple perspectives around
controversial issues; and learn to use research and writing to articulate public problems and advocate for
their solutions. (3 credits) Approved for the School of Education Minor. Info: erin.ulrich@colorado.edu
INVS 3402 — Another City is Possible: Re-Inventing Detroit, Michigan. Taught by Sabrina
Sideris, Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm – 4:45pm in Stadium 140
In this course we will critically examine how occupations and industries we have chosen for decades
have actually contributed to damaging the Earth. We will re-imagine Detroit, a post industrial city where
change is most urgent & therefore most viable, looking at community groups that have emerged to offer
solutions to the most pressing social problems. We’ll look at urban farms as community-based solutions
for sourcing healthy food in neighborhoods in Detroit that had been classified as food deserts. We’ll
look at youth-led organizations using technology to empower and engage, and alternative schools that
are providing meaningful learning opportunities during the academic year and the summers. (3 credits)
INVS 4402: Nonviolent Social Movements.
Taught by David Meens
Wednesdays 3 – 5:30 pm in Chem 131
Explores theories of democracy and
development in relation to movements for
nonviolent social change. Focuses on means
and ends, spirituality, leadership, decisionmaking,
civil society and decentralized power.
In this course we will look at examples of
nonviolent change from various countries and
various times, in the present tense & in the past.
(3 credits)

Community Studies INVST Program & Courses (spring 2013)

 Good Day!!
Looking to find your purpose in the world?
Are you interested in democracy, education, and social change?
Would you like to work with K-12 students on social, environmental, peace, and justice projects?

If yes, ENROLL IN INVS 2919/EDUC 2919 TODAY!

INVS 2919/EDUC 2919: Renewing Democracy in Communities and Schools is an engaging service-learning course that explores democracy, education, and social change. In addition to meeting on-campus weekly, INVS 2919/EDUC 2919 students empower K-12 students to identify their roles as democratic citizens through their participation in Public Achievement. An international civic engagement initiative, Public Achievement seeks to expand the leadership of young people in communities around the world.  INVS2919/EDUC2919 students serve as “coaches” and are responsible for guiding K-12 students as they create projects that seek to address public problems, such as immigration, poverty, global warming, teen depression, domestic violence, animal abuse, stranger danger, and many more!

The following sections of INVS/EDUC 2919 are open and we are in

Section 802, working with high school students
SEMINAR (on campus): Mondays from 4:00-5:30 p.m.

PRACTICUM (select one of the following)
1) Centaurus High School – Freshmen – Fridays, 11:10-12:15 (in Lafayette, CO. Bus and carpools available ~20-25 minutes)

2)Centaurus High School – Sophomores or Juniors – Fridays, 1:10-2:05 (in Lafayette, CO. Bus and carpools available ~20-25 minutes)

3)Centaurus High School – Seniors – Fridays, 2:05-3:00 (in Lafayette, CO. Bus and Carpools available ~20-25 minutes)


Section 803, working with 2nd-5th grade elementary students:
SEMINAR (on campus): Mondays from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

PRACTICUM (pick one of the two listed below)
1) Pioneer Elementary School, Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m. (in Lafayette, CO. Bus and carpools available ~20-25 min route)

2) Columbine Elementary School, Thursdays, 4:00-5:00 p.m. (in North Boulder Bus and carpools available ~15-20 min route)

***The course has been approved for the Education Minor but not limited to education school students,
***Additionally, INVS 2919/EDUC 2919 students may be eligible to receive a $1,000+ AmeriCorps scholarship!
***Bilingual students needed but enrollment is not limited to bilingual abilities.

Please contact Elaina Verveer at verveer@colorado.edu and/or Erin Ulrich at erin.ulrich@colorado.edu

The INVST Community Leadership Program  

The Community Leadership Program is a life-altering educational experience that exposes students to what is and cultivates them as leaders to work for what could be.  Each year, we admit up to 18 CU students who are committed to making a positive difference with their lives. INVST students are comprehensively trained over the course of two years.  Specifically, students attend two theory classes, four skills-training classes, and two month‑long summer service learning experiences, one domestic and one international.  In addition, students serve at least six hours each week as volunteer staff members with community-based organizations in internships in their first year, and collectively design, implement and evaluate community leadership projects during their second year.  Throughout the program, students learn and practice skills such as meeting facilitation, collaborative decision-making, conflict resolution, fundraising, organizing, and public speaking. Upon completion, students receive the University of Colorado Certificate in the Study and Practice of Leadership. They are also eligible to receive education awards from AmeriCorps.




Find us on Facebook:  INVST    Follow us on Twitter:  @invst_cu

INVST. description

LGBT History Month concludes w/ Talk by Prof. Higashida Thurs & Screening of XXY Tonight!

As we conclude LGBT History Month, we’d like to invite you and your students to a talk by Cheryl Higashida, Associate Professor English (flyer attached):

“Looking for Lorraine: Lesbians, the Left, and the Cold War”
Thursday, November 1st from 5 – 6:30 PM in the Dennis Smalls Cultural Center (UMC 457)
Lorraine Hansberry, celebrated African American playwright, author of political speeches, letters and essays, is best known for writing A Raisin in the Sun. This lecture and discussion led by professor Cheryl Higashida will examine how Hansberry was able to navigate the intersections of her racial and sexual identities in the U.S. during the Cold War.

On Monday, October 29th at 6PM in the Abrams Lounge in the Center for Community, there will also be a film screening of XXY, a film that portrays an Argentinian family whose child is intersex.


New course – WMST 3710 – Gender, Sexuality and Migration

WMST 3710

Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Gender, Sexuality and Migration


Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:30-4:45pm, MCOL E155

Professor Katie Oliviero


Why do some countries accept LGBT migrants but forbid gay and lesbians from adopting children or using artificial insemination?

Why do global controversies over immigration so often center on migrant women’s fertility and their children’s access to school and medical care?

How is marriage used in immigration procedures to shape racial and ethnic diversity?

What are the gendered implications when nurses and careworkers are a country’s central export?


This course examines how intersecting gender, sexual and ethnic hierarchies shape and are shaped by immigration. Students will explore how the gendered processes surrounding migration craft concepts of nation, borders and citizenship. Readings and films examine how sexual and ethnic norms are renegotiated through the selection and regulation of immigrants. Central to our investigation is how transnational and economic forces compel migration, reshaping understandings of national belonging, workplaces, and family in the process. We will particularly consider how migrants negotiate multiple marginalizations, and in turn refashion understandings of community, identities, culture, and politics. An interdisciplinary framework combines media, literature, law, activist, film and historical accounts.


This course also counts toward the Certificate in LGBT Studies (http://lgbt.colorado.edu).


A course flyer is attached, and we are sending you a printed copy this week.



Valerie Bhat

Women and Gender Studies Program

University of Colorado Boulder

246 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309-0246


303-492-2549 fax



Study Skills Workshops – Oct 29th to Nov 16th

Academic Skills Strategies Workshops


October 29-November 16, 2012


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Don’t Panic!  Test Anxiety/Stress Management

Guest Presentor: Nathaan Demers, Pre-Doctoral Therapist, CAPS

Monday, Oct. 29

1:30-2:30 pm

Fleming 150

Taking the ‘Spook’ out of Test-Taking! (Test Prep) Wednesday, Oct. 31

Noon-1:00 pm

Fleming 150

Tips of the Trade’: The Best Practices of Writing Explained

Guest Presentor:Dr. Kratze, Writing and Rhetoric

Thursday, Nov. 1

3:30-4:30 pm

Fleming 170

Learning Styles and Studying:

Making the Most out of What You Have!

Co-Presented:  AEP & ACAD.SKILLS

Friday, Nov. 2


Fleming 150

Time Management and Study Skills: (Preparing for Finals NOW) Tuesday, Nov. 6


Fleming 150

Getting Unstuck:  When Writing Anxiety Gets in Your Way


Wednesday, Nov. 7

Noon-1 pm

Fleming 150

Overwhelmed? Getting the Most out of Reading 


Thursday, Nov. 8

3:00-4:00 pm

Fleming 170

How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively

CoPresentors: Dr. Jia Shi & Dr. Janet Casagrand, IPHY

Friday, Nov. 9


Clare Small, Rm 111A

Don’t Panic!  Test Anxiety/Stress Management

Guest Presentor: Lauren Dent, Pre-Doctoral Therapist, CAPS

Monday, Nov. 12

1:00-2:00 pm

Fleming 150

Need Individual Help?


No Preregistration Needed!

Tuesday, Nov 13

Thursday, Nov. 15

1:00-4:00 pm

Fleming 184A



Don’t Panic!  Test Anxiety/Stress Management

Stress & anxiety are often synonymous with taking exams. Learn tools you can utilize to help you; we will review related study skills strategies & direct calming techniques which can be applied while taking tests—be ready for whatever comes your way!


Taking the ‘Spook’ out of Test-Taking! (Test Prep

Did you do as well as you hoped on your last tests? Good test preparation includes organization, making corrections to bad habits. Gain hints on how to handle different types of tests.  If you want to do better on your next tests, this workshop is for you!


Tips of the Trade’: The Best Practices of Writing Explained

Punctuation to Sentences to Paragraphs to Ideas: The Writing Process in Reverse

The web has created a whole brave new world of opinions–everybody has one, and everybody seems to want it published!  When the question turns to how to write well, it’s impossible not to stumble on lists with titles such as “The 10 Keys to Writing Powerful Sentences” or “5 Things to Do When You Write a Term Paper” or “The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing Paragraphs.”  We will brainstorming about these lists & generate our own list. You will gain a solid formulation about not only what works but why.


Learning Styles and Studying

Study tips personalized for you!  Your personal learning style will make a difference in how you enjoy, study and retain information.  Identify your academic learning style, and strategies most effective for you.


Time Management and Study Skills:  Or, Preparing for Finals NOW

You might ask yourself who in their right mind would start preparing for finals so early in the semester?  YOU!  Learn some easy steps in how to best learn material using your time management system as your guide.  Your new motto:  “Cram no more!”


Getting Unstuck:  When Writing Anxiety Gets in Your Way

No one said writing at the College level would be easy.  This workshop will provide techniques and suggestions for you to ‘Get Unstuck’.   Even if you don’t have a paper looming in the immediate future, these ideas can help you out!


Overwhelmed? Getting the Most out of Reading 

How do you cope with the large amount of reading that you are expected to do? We looks at how to get the most out of your reading, how to determine what ‘kind’ of reading will serve you best, and how to improve your general reading skills.  We will specifically cover close reading techniques to improve learning the material.


How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively

Designed to give participants the tools to succeed in Anatomy and Physiology courses! Using research on how people learn, we will identify misconceptions, and work on developing effective learning strategies. Whether you are a good student wanting to become better, or are struggling, these workshops are for you!


Student Academic Skills

Student Academic Success Center, Fleming 184

(303) 492-8761, Skills@Colorado.Edu

To Register:  Colorado.edu/sasc, click on “Tutoring & Academic Skills” tab; “Register Now”; “Academic Skills “.  Click on the Workshop you

Celebración de Día de Los Muertos – Events All Week 10/29- 11/2

Presented by: UMAS y MEChA, Sigma Lambda Beta, SORCE, WRC


Monday 10/29

Dia de los Muertos altars – Senior Dedication Lounge of the UMC.  There will also be a community altar for Ikenna “Kenna” Egbune that everyone is welcome to contribute to.
Location: UMC, Senior Dedication Lounge, UMC 227
Time: Anytime

Tuesday 10/30
Folklorico Night in Old Main with Fiesta Colorado, where there will be a special Dia de Los Muertos performance.
Location: Old Main – Chapel
Time: 5:30 pm-7 pm

Wednesday 10/31
Open house with the Women’s Resource Center, features pumpkin carving and face painting
Location: Women’s Resource Center (UMC 416)
Time: 11 am-2 pm

Thursday 11/1

Dia de los Muertos spoken word celebration and open mic with Cafe Cultura, tamales will be provided!
Location: Old Main – Chapel
Time: 5:30 PM

flyer: muertos_letter