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Sociology Internship Program – Nov 1st deadline for Spring 2013



Visit http://sobek.colorado.edu/SOC/Undergrad/internship.html

for more information and an application.

Students interested in doing an internship may consider doing so through the Department of Sociology. Course credit is available to those students who fulfill the requirements of the internship program. The process of applying for the internship program is described below. If you have any questions about the program after reading through all the information listed, please contact the director of the internship program, Dr. Hillary Potter (Hillary.Potter@colorado.edu

If you wish to participate in the Sociology Internship Program, please submit an application by the applicable due date

• April 1 for Summer semester internship

• May 1 for Fall semester internship

• November 1 for Spring semester internship

(If you miss this deadline, please contact the internship director for specific instructions.)

Applications are to be delivered to the Department of Sociology main office at KETCHUM 219.