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Community Health Presents, Sex Buffs Podcast


We want to share: SexBuffs

Sex Buffs is a sex positive podcast brought to you by Community Health, a division of Wardenburg Health Cener.  Sex Buffs features conversations with a wide variety of people about sexuality and gender in society.

We have honest, constructive conversations with guests about sexuality, gender, and sex health.  We believe this podcast can be a great resource for classes, projects, and counseling.  Each podcast is about 30 minutes long, and could be a helpful way to open complicated topics  in a realistic, compassionate context.

Unrealistic images and expectations about sex and gender are common, and the skills to address these issues in a realistic way are more rare.   This podcast, for students by students, offers a chance to have actual CU students talking with one another about their own experience of sex, gender and development.  It features a broad range of actual CU students with various genders, and various experiences of their own sexuality and development.

SexBuffs is free on iTunes!

Thanks all, Robin 

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