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Study Skills Workshops – Oct 24th to Nov 2nd


How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively


Wednesday, Oct. 243:00-4:30 pm

Claire Small 210

Don’t Panic!  Test Anxiety/Stress ManagementCopresenter:  Nathaan Demers, Pre-Doctoral Therapist, Counseling and Psychological Services.\ Monday, Oct. 291:30-2:30 pm

Fleming 150

Taking the ‘Spook’ out of Test-Taking!(Test Prep) Wednesday, Oct. 31Noon-1:00 pm

Fleming 150

Tips of the Trade’: The Best Practices of Writing Explained Thursday, Nov. 13:30-4:30 pm

Fleming 170

Learning Styles: How do YOU learn and how to make it work for you! Friday, Nov. 211:30-12:30pm

Fleming 150



How to Learn Anatomy & Physiology Effectively

These two identical workshops are designed to give participants the tools to succeed in Anatomy and Physiology courses. Using research on how people learn, we will identify misconceptions, and work on developing effective learning strategies. Whether you are a good student wanting to become better, or are struggling, these workshops are for you! Preregister, please!*

Time Management and Study Skills:  Or, Preparing for Finals NOW

You might ask yourself who in their right mind would start preparing for finals so early in the semester?  YOU!  Learn some easy steps in how to best learn material using your time management system as your guide.  Your new motto:  “Cram no more!”


We’ll be discussing strategies for success when it comes to college reading loads, touching on time management, *why* it’s important to read for class, how to skim and read analytically/asking questions while you read.”

Presented in conjunction with Mara Vahratian, Academic Advisor, Center for First Year Students


Don’t Panic!  Test Anxiety/Stress Management

Stress and anxiety are often synonymous with taking exams.  Some anxiety can aid performance, but too much can interfere.  Learn tools you can utilize to help you; we will review related study skills strategies and direct calming techniques which can be applied while taking tests.  It’s never too early, or too late, to practice these tried and true methods for stress management—be ready for whatever comes your way this semester!  Presented by SASC, Counseling and Psychological Services.

Tips of the Trade’: The Best Practices of Writing Explained

Punctuation to Sentences to Paragraphs to Ideas: The Writing Process in Reverse

The web has created a whole brave new world of opinions–everybody has one, and everybody seems to want it published!  When the question turns to how to write well, it’s impossible not to stumble on lists with titles such as “The 10 Keys to Writing Powerful Sentences” or “5 Things You Must Do When You Write a Term Paper” or “The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing Paragraphs.”  This workshop will be a kind of brainstorming about these lists.  Our method: after we take a look at a few, we will generate our own list.  After our hour, you should have a solid formulation about not only what works but why.

Presented by Dr. Peter Kratzke, Writing and Rhetoric


Taking the ‘Spook’ out of Test-Taking!(Test Prep): 

Did you do as well as you had hoped on your last tests? Good test preparation includes organization, making corrections to bad habits. Get hints on how to handle different types of tests.  If you want to do better on your next set of tests, this workshop is for you!

Learning Styles: How do YOU learn and how to make it work for you

Study tips personalized for you!  Your personal learning style will make a difference in how you enjoy, study and retain information.  Identify your academic learning style, and strategies most effective for you.

Presented by Academic Skills and the Academic Excellence Program

Student Academic Success Center, Fleming 184

(303) 492-8761, Skills@Colorado.Edu

To Register:  Colorado.edu/sasc, click on Tutoring/Academic Skills,

“Register Now”, Academic Skills. Chose the workshop you want!

To see more workshops, go to: http://colorado.edu/sasc/tutoring , click on ‘workshops, click on “College Learning Strategies”