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“Let’s Talk Sex” Campaign Interactive Event – Tues. 10/30 11:30-1:30pm


Community Health has a new sexual health campaign called, “Let’s Talk Sex.”

We are collaborating with http://www.beforeplay.org  to explore sexual communication and to decrease the stigma that surrounds talking about sex.

Our next event is next Tuesday, October 30 from 11:30-1:30pm on the stage of the UMC in the Grill area.

The features of this event include an interactive contraception/protection board that people can browse to learn about different methods and their effectiveness, free food, beforeplay swag, and a photo kiosk.

The photo kiosk is where people can write on a white board what they wish people were talking about in regards to sex, how they communicate about sex, or what they wish they knew about sex.

Here is a link to our album on our Facebook page that shows you some sample pictures:


Please share far and wide!!

Thank You,

Bethany Bernard

Student Coordinator, Community Health