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New course – WMST 3710 – Gender, Sexuality and Migration


WMST 3710

Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Gender, Sexuality and Migration


Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:30-4:45pm, MCOL E155

Professor Katie Oliviero


Why do some countries accept LGBT migrants but forbid gay and lesbians from adopting children or using artificial insemination?

Why do global controversies over immigration so often center on migrant women’s fertility and their children’s access to school and medical care?

How is marriage used in immigration procedures to shape racial and ethnic diversity?

What are the gendered implications when nurses and careworkers are a country’s central export?


This course examines how intersecting gender, sexual and ethnic hierarchies shape and are shaped by immigration. Students will explore how the gendered processes surrounding migration craft concepts of nation, borders and citizenship. Readings and films examine how sexual and ethnic norms are renegotiated through the selection and regulation of immigrants. Central to our investigation is how transnational and economic forces compel migration, reshaping understandings of national belonging, workplaces, and family in the process. We will particularly consider how migrants negotiate multiple marginalizations, and in turn refashion understandings of community, identities, culture, and politics. An interdisciplinary framework combines media, literature, law, activist, film and historical accounts.


This course also counts toward the Certificate in LGBT Studies (http://lgbt.colorado.edu).


A course flyer is attached, and we are sending you a printed copy this week.



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