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Volunteer with Impact the Youth Mentoring Program working with High School Students


Impact The Youth Mentoring (iTY)

Program description: ITY is a program that will reinforce positivity for our youth through college mentoring and providing positive role models for early class high school students. The college students (life models) will be influential supporters and provide guidance, encouragement, and life skills which in turn will help develop self-esteem and self-confidence for youth in our community. The meetings which will be held on campus will demonstrate the importance of a college education and opportunities for positive growth and development. ITY is designed to not only impact the high school students, but will also impact the lives of the life models who will be accountable for the guidance and support of their mentees. Impact the Youth will provide the opportunity to make a difference in each other lives either through mentoring or being a mentee.

The schools we work with are New Vista High School and Boulder High School.


Staff positions needed:


  1. Mentee Coordinator: This position requires one to be in communication with the high schools we work with. Meeting with the school counselors and making sure that the mentees are being catered to. This job best serves those who are interested in pursuing education as a career.
  2. Director of Logistics: This job entails handling the business aspect of the organization. Dealing with the budget, fundraising, coordinating events and so forth.

If you are interested in volunteering with Impact the Youth, please contact Juedon Kebede:



Juedon Kebede

University of Colorado at Boulder

CU Society of Prelaw Scholars

INVST Community Studies