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Great Spring Course OPEN – Re-Inventing Detroit, Michigan (INVS 3402)

For the first time, INVST is offering an elective course about sustainable activism in the twenty-first century, using Detroit as an example of a thriving community that is recreating itself through grassroots activism.  We will be exploring the life of Grace Lee Boggs, who at ninety seven is a living American hero who has spent the last five decades as a movement activist.

INVS 3402 — Another City is Possible: Re-Inventing Detroit, Michigan

Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm – 4:45pm in Stadium 140

In this course we will critically examine how occupations and industries we have chosen for decades have actually contributed to damaging the Earth. We will re-imagine Detroit, a post industrial city where change is most urgent & therefore most viable, looking at community groups that have emerged to offer solutions to the most pressing social problems. We’ll look at urban farms as community-based solutions for sourcing healthy food in neighborhoods in Detroit that had been classified as food deserts. We’ll look at youth-led organizations using technology to empower and engage, and alternative schools that are providing meaningful learning opportunities. We will see how Detroit offers us examples of how communities can re-imagine themselves! (3 credits)

Questions: Sabrina Sideris, M.A.
Program Director / Instructor
INVST Community Studies





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