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Dr. Romero’s Latin American Music course, MUSC 4892 OPEN Spring 2013


Latin American Music, MUSC 4892 / 5892

Spring 2013; T Th 2 – 3:15 p.m. — Room C191

This course provides an introduction to music throughout Latin America, focusing on the cultural characteristics and intercultural influences–or confluences–of music in selected Latin American countries or regions and their diasporic influences in the United States.  Discussions of an interdisciplinary nature often revolve around the religious, political, and economic cultural contexts that affect musical production and consumption, including the long-term effects of imperialism and colonization.  The typical Western Conservatory emphasis on notation and rhythms is understated in this ethnomusicology focus, which examines a variety of musics, including many that are transmitted aurally, although students are free to explore the sound dimension of genres in individual projects they write about and share with the class in formal presentations. I will tend to focus my lectures and course emphasis on my ethnomusicological research interests:  music and culture contact and music and spirituality.

Please send an email to Dr. Romero if you have any trouble enrolling for this course. brenda.romero@colorado.edu