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Spring 2013 Events for International Careers


International Career Panel

Feb. 20, 5:30-7:00PM, , C4C Abrams Lounge

Will your career begin with just one plane ight away? If you know or even vaguely think that might be the case, come to the C4C on Feb 20 to hear the experiences of professionals who have chosen international careers in a number of careers. Get tips, stories, and much more. Panelists TBD.

Career Tracks in Asia by Center for Asian Studies

Feb. 18, 4:30-6:00PM, C4C Abrams Lounge

The Center for Asian Studies (CAS) invites you to learn about exciting career opportunities with our panel of experts in Asia-related elds, ranging from public service to private translation. Hear the stories of current professionals and get advice on how to turn your Asian/international knowledge into a promising global career. A networking reception will follow immediately after. Panelists TBD, but the event is open to students/alum of any major.

Teaching English Abroad – What’s It All About?

March 6, 5:30-7:00PM, C4C Abrams Lounge

Teaching English abroad has become popular among college grads, and it could easily be an exciting and highly rewarding option for you as well! Meet our diversely and well-traveled panelists who will discuss personal experiences, teaching qualifications, accommodations, expenses, country-specfic info, and other questions you should be asking. Panelists TBD.

Go Global! Launch an Int’l Career Here or Abroad

April 3, 5:30-7:00PM, C4C Abrams Lounge

Special Guest Speaker: Stacie Berdan http://stacieberdan.com

Join us with guest speaker Stacie Berdan to learn about acquiring and distinguishing relevant experience to land international work, either at home or abroad. Berdan is a renowned international career expert, author, and contributor for The Hungton Post, US News, and Fortune/CNN, among many more. She will discuss how to get started, strengthen your chances, make the most of opportunities, and whether going global is for you.

Africa and Southeast Asia Careers by Global Fusion

Date & Location TBD

Interested in a career in Africa and/or Southeast Asia? The Global Fusion student group is holding a night of networking, career panels, food, and music for those who are curious about exploring their African and/or Southeast Asian opportunities! The Africa career panel is TBD, and the Southeast Asia panel TBD. Panelists for both TBD.


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