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The Master of Urban and Regional Planning at CU Denver


The Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) Program at the University of Colorado Denver is introducing a re-imagined degree program designed to produce passionate, engaged and prepared planners and city builders. 

Their new program is built around three initiatives that reflect issues at the forefront of the planning profession and are particularly evident in Denver and the Rocky Mountain West. These initiatives focus their curriculum and research activities, and represent a unique perspective on the field of planning.

1) Healthy Communities- through comprehensive and interdisciplinary training, students learn the tools, innovations and policies necessary for creating physically, socially, and economically healthy communities.

 2) Urban Revitalization- Denver is the perfect laboratory for students to explore the contemporary reorientation toward central cities; by engaging with local developers, planners, designers and policymakers students learn how to help revive and enhance established cities, retrofit the suburbs, and plan sustainable new developments.

3) Regional Sustainability- many of the critical challenges of planning are found at the intersection of the natural and built environments; students explore these issues at both the Rocky Mountain West and metropolitan levels, including resource planning, land use, transportation, and economic development.

 Some of the reasons students might like the MURP program at CU Denver include:

–  They specialize in the study of complex, diverse urban areas

–  Students learn to apply their undergraduate skills to solving real-world problems

–  A call for social justice permeates classroom work and community engagement

– They value interdisciplinary approaches for solving planning and community challenges

–  Experiential learning opportunities throughout the curriculum enable students to gain hands-on experience

–  Our self-directed curriculum allows students to craft an education suited to their career goals and personal interests

If interested, visit the MURP program website:http://cap.ucdenver.edu/murp 


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