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Pedagogy of Privilege Conference


Pedagogy of Privilege Conference

2013 Pedagogy of Privilege Conference

Portfolio: http://portfolio.du.edu/pedagogy_of_privilege


The 2013 conference is the 3rd biennial conference held at the University of Denver that brings scholars, students, faculty, staff, community members, social justice workers, and activists together to engage in dialogues about the various aspects of privilege and the ways in which privilege impacts education, social justice work, helping professions, and research.


The conference is for you if you are:

a) an activist or organizer in your community or on your campus

b) a current or future scholar or researcher interested in issues of multiculturalism, power, oppression, and privilege

c) an educator concerned about social justice issues in your classroom and school community

d) a helping professional who works with people who are culturally different than yourself on the basis of race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion/worldview, social class, disabilities, citizenship, or other axes of difference

e) a community member concerned about issues of social justice

More information?

For more information:

email privilege.conference@du.edu

or contact the Conference Organizing Committee chair, Eugene Walls, at 303-871-4367.


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