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The Fund for the Public Interest is Hiring!


The Fund of the Public Interest is in the process of interviewing graduating seniors for job openings this fall. 

**Stand Up to Powerful Interests, Start Your Non-Profit Career**

They’re looking for smart, socially conscious students who work well in a team and are eager to make a real impact on some of the most critical issues facing our society.

The Fund for the Public Interest (aka “the Fund”) helps some of the top progressive organizations in the country work on issues like clean energy, equal rights, and getting big money out of politics.  And they’re hiring!

Specifically, they’re hiring Citizen Outreach Directors to run the grassroots campaign offices across the country — working on behalf of groups like the US PIRG, Environment America, and the Human Rights Campaign.

They are looking for smart, motivated students who want to lead the way in working for the change our country needs.

 If you are interested in applying, visit their website at www.fundjobs.org <http://www.fundcareers.org>, or contact Peggy Mansperger directly – 617-747-4324, pmansperger@fundstaff.org 


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