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Conference on World Affairs Volunteer Meeting!


The Conference on World Affairs is the largest event on campus, drawing 94,000 in attendance. The 65th Annual CWA will be April 8-12 and will feature 100 participants from all over the world to participate on panels, performances and plenaries that are all free and open to the public. 

Past participants have included: 
-Joe Biden 
-Patch Adams 
-Jello Biafra (singer for the Dead Kennedy’s)

-Michael Elliot (CEO of ONE.org)

-Roger Ebert

-Tim Long (writer of the Simpsons)

-Rachel Maddow (MSNBC)

-Paul Krugman (Nobel prize winning economist) ….just to name a few Experts from all areas–including writers, singers, poets, athletes, musicians, economists, business execs, politicians, artists, ambassadors, scientists, and astronauts–flock to Boulder for the CWA, one of the most unique and accessible events in the nation. 

The Conference would not be able to take place if it were not for the team of students who volunteer every year and work to make it a success. Student volunteers are integrally engaged in the planning and execution of the Conference. Of course the week itself is when the most exciting action occurs, and volunteering offers students opportunities to meet these extraordinary people one on one. 

Right now is the BEST time for students to get involved in the Conference.  For freshman, this is the perfect opportunity to become part of something that will shape their college experience and help build important, influential relationships for the future. Seniors, it’s a great time to get involved and make connections with very successful people before you graduate this coming year. 

Our next student meeting will be Wednesday the 27th at 7pm in Hellems 199. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at  cwastud@colorado.edu


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