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Smart Moms at CU


Erin McGeever attended CU part-time while pregnant last semester (Fall 2012). Her adviser Liz Morningstar supported her and gave her information for organizations that could possibly help her on campus. Unfortunately she couldn’t find anyone/group/organization to help with her specific situation. 
Her baby was born on January 9, 2013 and she returning to school for Summer 2013. She has decided to make a Facebook page for pregnant women and mothers that attend CU. These women need help and support. She felt so alone whenever she was on campus because her supportive family was home and she didn’t have the energy or time to visit her supportive adviser. She can’t fathom how the out of state students would feel without support if they possibly got pregnant. 
Once she receives enough support on her Facebook page, she hopes to start a club for these women to get them the support they need. 



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