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Fall Semester One Credit Course!


JAPANESE ENSEMBLE: EMUS 1467/3467/5467 sec. 001

Japanese Ensemble is a one-credit hour class in the College of Music at CU Boulder that will be offered in Fall 2013. The class is an experiential, hands-on approach to learning how to perform Japanese music through learning musical instruments (drums, strings and flutes), as well as singing and dancing in a workshop environment that emphasizes the understanding of Japanese culture through music. The class is open to all majors with registration numbers available for lower division and upper division undergraduate as well as graduate levels. No previous musical experience is required and there are no auditions. Instructors are Professor Jay Keister, an ethnomusicologist who specializes in Japanese music and Mami Itasaka who is trained in Japanese music and dance.

For students interested in other cultures of the world, we offer three other World Music Ensembles under the same number EMUS 1467/3467/5467: Sec. 002 Gamelan Ensemble; Sec. 003 Mariachi Ensemble; Sec. 004 African Ensemble. All courses are one credit hour.


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