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Summer Arts Internship Opportunity with Molina Speaks Productions


In Arts Production & Arts Education

For college students interested in careers in:
Cultural Arts and Entertainment
Independent Media, Community Media and Social Media
Telecommunications, Marketing and Public Relations
Cultural and Social Events Organizing

It is preferred that students be obtaining at least a minor, or showing a strong interest, in
a Cultural Studies program – Ethnic Studies Majors & Minors welcomed!

Scope of work:
10+ hours per week through late June / early July
Weekly meetings + attendance to numerous social events (and assistance with events).
Otherwise hours are flexible. Intern will be given weekly tasks to analyze, collect, organize and
disseminate information.
Intern should have plans to be living in the Denver area during the Internship period. Intern should be
highly self motivated and should have intermediate research, computer and social networking skills.
Intern should enjoy people and events, should have a very open mind and think outside the boxes of
social imitation and mediocrity.

Students will not be paid by the hour, nor will the intern be exploited. The Intern will receive a small
but commensurate monthly stipend. The intern can expect to make meaningful connections with dozens
of Denver poets, musicians, artists, activists, cultural workers, community advocates and social
entrepreneurs. Intern will gain real world experience and mentorship―culturally, socially, politically,
and economically. Also, depending on the intern’s job, career and work interests, he or she may find
personal use in the information and databases produced through the internship.

To Apply:
1. Familiarize yourself with the artist Molina Speaks. Begin at http://www.molinaspeaks.com. You will be
working directly with the artist and will be put in positions in which you need to speak about the artist’s
work and vouch for the artist’s messages, scope of work and skills. Confirm this is the right job for you.
2. Submit the following to molina@molinaspeaks.com:
– A one page Resume highlighting related educational and work experience and/or interests and skills.
– A one page essay in response to the following questions: What is the nature of the relationship between
People and the Media? What role does art play in this Relationship?

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