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Great Educational Psych Fall Course! EDUC 4411


Don’t miss an opportunity to enroll in an innovative and engaging Fall Semester course

EDUC 4411 Educational Psychology for Elementary Schools:  Learning in Robust Ecologies

(Thurs. 4:30 – 7pm, section 020, course #28414)REGISTRATION ADD / DROP OPENS FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS ON Monday, AUG 5th

The course provides an introduction to educational psychology and its application to classrooms and out of school learning environments. Students will work with instructor Dr. Lisa Schwartz and an interdisciplinary team of assistants to develop rich theories of learning and practice.  Once a week (choose either M, T or W) enrolled students will work side-by-side with elementary school students from diverse backgrounds at a local after school site, El Pueblo Mágico. With learning at the core, students will be introduced to new theories and practices that can be used in the design and implementation of robust learning environments involving innovative new media and STEM activities.

Students will have the opportunity to make sense of learning theory, course readings, and content through engagement in digital video games and simulations, students’ digital tools and expertise, and “making and tinkering” activities (http://tinkering.exploratorium.edu/activities/). These activities are designed to leverage students’ interests and experiences and to transform academic practice toward meaningful and consequential learning. Please contact Dr. Lisa Schwartz at lisa.h.schwartz@colorado.edu with any questions.