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Choctaw Scholarship Advisement Fellowship Program


The AIGC and Choctaw Scholarship Advisement Program Fellowship

AIGC is proud to announce the Choctaw Scholarship Advisement Program (SAP) Fellowship Program, funded with a generous gift from the Choctaw SAP.

The AIGC Choctaw SAP Fellowship is a 2-year (up to $10,000/yr) graduate research fellowship available to one full-time, degree-seeking, tribally-enrolled graduate or professional level Choctaw student.

The deadline is August 30, 2013. Full details are posted in the AIGC Online Application System at: https://aigc.academicworks.com/ In order to be eligible, applicants must visit AIGCS.ORG<http://AIGCS.ORG>, click on ‘Apply Now’ and complete both the General Application and the AIGC Choctaw SAP Fellowship opportunity.

The Choctaw SAP was created in late 2006 to help overcome consistently high Native American college dropout rates. SAP has two primary goals, to prepare students for college, and once enrolled, keep students on track for a college degree.

SAP services include college selection counseling, admission test preparation, helping students find scholarships, grants, internships and fellowships, summer program advisement, and peer advisement and mentoring. To receive all of these benefits, you must be a member of SAP; there is no fee, go here to join now: