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Fall WMST Course OPEN, Protest, Polls and Policy (Gender and US Politics)


WMST 3311/PSCI 3311 Protest, Polls, and Policy: Gender and U.S. Politics

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11AM – 12:15 PM (CLRE 207)

Dr. Celeste Montoya

This class takes and intersectional look at Gender in the United States. The course is divided into three sections. The first looks at different types of gendered mobilization, looking at women in movements, women’s movements, and feminist movements. The goal of this unit is to disrupt the dominant and narrow narratives regarding women’s mobilization, particularly those that emphasize white, upper-class, urban women. In this unit we examine how race, class, sexuality and other social locations need to be better incorporated into analysis of gender mobilizing. The second section focuses on the issue of democratic institutions and representation. We will entertain debates regarding the importance of having democratic officials that better match up with the countries demographic make up. We will look at the way in which elections are gendered, raced, and classed. The third section focuses on public policy. In this section we will look at a number of public policies and analyze the ways in which policy is raced, gendered, and classed if not in its text, but in its implementation. This includes looking at how policy designed to “help women” has unintended consequences on marginalized women. We will examine economic and employment policy, family and reproductive policy, citizenship and immigration, and policy aimed at addressing gender-based violence.