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Recruitment for People Engaged in Raising Leaders


In an effort to increase the number of people of color on boards and commission, Boulder County Community Action Programs has developed the People Engaged in Raising Leaders, a training program that teaches individuals from Boulder County’s diverse communities about the inner-workings of boards and commissions. It is an 8-week program with 15 slots available. Participants learn about communication, budget and fundraising, the difference between boards and commissions, and much more. PERL is a training program designed to increase involvement among people of color on boards and commissions across the county.

This a great opportunity for any student to get their foot in the door with any county position, and it is also a great opportunity to network. RSVP information provided in the link below.

Training Goals:

* Prepare people of color to take leadership positions on boards and commissions and ensure authentic participation.
* Empower people of color to participate and become more involved civically in their community.
* Gain skills and obtain the tools necessary to better understand the process, structure, and make-up of boards and commissions.

For more information, click on the link below.