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CU Alternative Break Volunteer Opportunity


We’re currently looking for two student leaders passionate about social justice, ending poverty, and understanding urban poverty to lead our spring break trip. We are having our Site Leader Retreat this Sunday, so we’re hoping to have people apply and interview by Friday the 18th.

The CU Alternative Breaks program is looking for site leaders to lead our UrbanPoverty-focused Spring Break trip working with Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless. Site Leaders participate in a six-month long training process and are responsible for planning and facilitating learningbefore, during and after trips. Each trip is led by two student co-site leaders who have a role in planning trips, selecting participants, fundraising, facilitating pre-trip meetings, and leading their groups. If you are looking for an opportunity to take on greater responsibility and lead your peers inservice, then the site leader position is perfect for you! Site leaders attend the trip for only $100! Build your leadership resume, work with an awesome social justice organization, and have an amazing experience!

Site leaders are interviewing this week, so get your application in asap! Volunteer.colorado.edu/siteleader

Quote from 2013 Participant, Charlotte Thompson:

I had no idea how much my trip to Cincinnati would relate to my major of Sociology. One of the things Jenny, the volunteer coordinator of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, had said to us, was that the issue of homelessness is not caused purely by individual actions and decisions, but actually by our society as a whole. Sociology teaches that instead of looking at individual actions, you have to look at the larger society. I had seen this on a power point and talked about this in class over and over again, but I was never able to truly connect this idea to the real world until this trip, until I could see if right in front of me.”


The Alternative Spring Break trip with the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless is a phenomenal trip!Participants are provided with a wide arrange of speakers (homeless persons, activists, police officers, etc…) and activities to learn from, as well as eye-opening service opportunities at homeless shelters, urban gardens, and innovative for-profit businesses designed to help those with financial hardship and the homeless begin careers. Over the Rhine (OTR) is such a great location for this trip because of its long and interesting history, its character, and its political pertinence to broader societal patterns. Volunteers are put up in a narrow, 3-story building right at the edge of Washington Park in OTR where nearly everything is walking distance.