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Global Seminars


Global Seminar informational meetings coming up!  These  are short-term faculty-led programs offered in the summer (with one program offered during winter break). Class sizes are between 10 and 25 students, so they are an excellent opportunity for your students to learn on-site from CU-Boulder faculty. Most programs are open to all majors unless otherwise specified. Deadlines vary from February 1 to March 1, 2014 but programs can fill before the deadline.

Interest Meetings through early November:

Global Seminar: Art in Spain

VAC 485; 4pm

Wed., 10/23: VAC 308; 5pm

Tues., 10/29: VAC 485; 5pm

Open to all majors, this unique global seminar based in Madrid with visits to Barcelona, Granada, Pujol and Figueres offers unforgettable insights into the rich visual culture of Spain, from Goya to the present, in five weeks. Led by Frances Charteris, the course includes visits to museums and architectural sites; photography and film are covered, as well as flamenco and bullfighting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Global Seminar: Gender, Race, & Tourism in Cuba
UMC 245; 12:00 PM

Study Gender, Race, & Tourism this summer in Cuba. You’ll study ANTH upper-division credit for 5 weeks and earn 6 credits. You will visit museums, places of cultural and historical relevance, and there will be excursions to other parts of the country beyond the capital city of Havana.

Global Seminar: Democracy & Development in Bolivia 
UMC 247; 3:15 PM

Earn three credits in 2 weeks while studying democracy and development in this off-the-beaten-path South American destination. Current Bolivian politics are dynamic and innovative. You will gain an inside perspective of the livelihood strategies and political organization of rural Yungas communities with a unique cultural and agricultural history.

Global Seminar: Conservation Biology & Practice in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest 
UMC 247; 4:00 PM

Earn three credits in May 2014 in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest on this exciting CU-Boulder Global Seminar. Obtain hands-on experience in the principles and practice of conservation biology. Experience operational conservation programs in the Serra do Mar Biodiversity Corridor, participate in community-based conservation solutions, and much more while earning EBIO 4100 or 5100 credit.

Global Seminar: Discover the Past, Archaeology in Greece
Center for Community S341; 5:00 PM

Earn six credits in summer 2014 in Greece’s Western Argolid on an exciting CU-Boulder Global Seminar. Obtain hands-on experience in the principles and practice of archaeology by working on an archaeological project. You will discover and explore new sites in the territory of Argos in southwestern Greece.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Global Seminar: Self-Awareness and Images of the Other in Xi’an China
UMC 425; 5:00 PM

Discover China this summer 2014 on this Global Seminar held in Xi’an and sponsored by CU’s Study Abroad Office, the Center for Asian Studies and the Tang Fund. With Herbst Program of Humanities’ faculty Anja Lange, you will get a first-hand look at China by studying it through literature and participating in campus life at Xi’an Jiaotong University. You also will visit the Qinling Mountains, the Terra Cotta Army, Tang Dynasty tombs, and spend 3 days in Beijing.

Monday, October 21, 2013
Global Seminar: London Finance Seminar
Koelbel 300; 4:00 PM

Study international finance in London this summer, with CU Finance Professor Roy Baas. This seminar includes lectures from prominent financial professionals and field trips to sites such as Lloyd’s of London, Bloomberg, and Paris! Eligibility requirements include a minimum 2.5 GPA and junior-level standing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Global Seminar: Doing Business in China
Leeds 302; 5:30 PM

On this Global Seminar: Doing Business in China, you will explore important topics related to succeeding in China’s business environment, meet with business leaders, visit industrial sites and universities, and seek to understand challenges faced by businesses operating in China. In addition, you will discover key cultural features of China ranging from village life to the Great Wall.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Global Seminar: Culture, History, & Literature in Rosario, Argentina
UMC 247; 5:15 PM

Earn six credits in five weeks during an intensive summer program in Rosario, Argentina, one of the most culturally and economically dynamic cities in Argentina. You’ll earn SPAN 3260 and a second course at the SPAN 3— level. Live with an Argentine family, attend cultural excursions, participate in guest lectures by local intellectuals, and much more. In addition to approvals for major/minor requirements, this Global Seminar fulfills Literature and the Arts (UD) core area.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Global Seminar: France & America: Connections Through Time in Bordeaux, France

UMC 353; 4:00pm

Spend 2 weeks in June this summer studying France-American relations in beautiful Bordeaux, France! This three credit course is taught by CU History Professor (and Int’l Affairs Director) Tom Zeiler. Study the connections between the U.S. and France through lectures, guest speakers and excursions to various sites. There are numerous scholarships available for this program! In addition to approvals for major/minor requirements, this Global Seminar fulfills Literature and the Arts (UD) core area.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Global Seminar: Performance in Scotland: Theatre, Music, and Culture in Edinburgh, Scotland

C4C N215; 5 PM

Earn 3 credits in 3 1/2 weeks in beautiful Scotland. You will have the chance to visit many cultural sites including the Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish parliament. See 16 musical and theatrical performances, as well as other optional museums, art installations, and additional shows. Also, experience the world’s largest arts festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Global Seminar: Visualizing Dante’s Inferno Interest Meeting
UMC 382; 4:00 PM

Are you interested in Italian literature? A study abroad program led by faculty Suzanne Magnanini spends three weeks studying Dante and visiting relevant sites in and around Florence. Students learn about Dante’s Inferno and paintings and frescoes inspired by the poem.  In addition to approvals for major/minor requirements, this Global Seminar fulfills Literature and the Arts (UD) core area.

These fall Global Seminar Interest Meetings have already passed. If students are interested, the program manager and director of each program are listed:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Global Seminar: Cross Cultural Management in Maastricht, Netherlands
Koelbel Building 350; 4:00 PM

Study cross cultural management in the Netherlands in summer 2014. Managing an increasing diversity in international business is one of the challenges that globalization has introduced and that managers need to face. The number of interactions that people of different cultural backgrounds have with one another has exponentially increased in the work place.

Global Seminar: Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in South Africa
C4C N215; 5:00 PM

Want to spend your summer in South Africa gaining hands on experience as a consultant? Earn 6 credits in 6 weeks while helping emerging entrepreneurs in the townships surrounding Cape Town. Students form consulting teams with local South African students to develop deliverables for clients.

Global Seminar: Barcelona Literature & Culture

Attend class and live in central Barcelona on this exciting Global Seminar! Earn 6 credits in 5 weeks while completing SPAN 3270 and SPAN 3230. Participate in excursions to world-class museums, theatres; see the remarkable street culture, and more. Great for SPAN, SPPR, IAFS, & others. In addition to approvals for major/minor requirements, this Global Seminar fulfills Human Diversity core area.

Program Directors: Javier KrauelJavier.Krauel@Colorado.edu and Juan Herrero-Senés;herreros@colorado.edu

Program Manager: Steve Rose; steven.rose@colorado.edu

Global Seminar: Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania

Students will explore remote conservation areas around the Serengeti on this traveling summer Global Seminar. Learn more about indigenous peoples and conservation in one of the most beautiful and biologically-important regions of the world, study political ecology, culture and development while living amongst indigenous groups such as the Maasai and Hadzabe people. Open to all majors.

Program Director: Laura DeLuca; laura.deluca@colorado.edu

Program Manager: Cloud Baffourbaffour@colorado.edu

Global Seminar: Justice, Human Rights, and Democracy in Jerusalem, Israel

This 5-week global seminar allows students to explore the complexities of democracy, human rights and social justice in Israel. Students will earn 6-credits through field-based work, classroom instruction and service learning experiences. There are planned visits to the Old City, Hebron, Tel Aviv and Bethlehem as well as cultural outings (concerts, museums, restaurants, and religious services in different faith traditions). Open to all majors. Significant scholarships available.

Program Director: Caryn Aviv; Caryn.Aviv@colorado.edu

Program Manager: Sarah Westmoreland; sarah.westmoreland@colorado.edu

Global Seminar Russian Language & Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia

Make Summer 2014 summer unforgettable – spend six weeks immersed in Russian culture and language in St. Petersburg. The program, directed by Professor Artemi Romanov, includes language courses each morning, and afternoon and weekend excursions around the city and sites nearby, plus a weekend trip to Moscow! Earn nine credits and fulfill the A&S Historical Context core requirement. Beginning to advanced Russian speakers welcome. In addition to approvals for major/minor requirements, this Global Seminar fulfills Historical Contextcore area.

Program Director Artemi Romanov; Artemi.Romanov@Colorado.edu

Program Manager: Cindy Kraft; cindy.kraft@colorado.edu