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Ethnic Studies Courses

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Please check out our schedule of amazing Ethnic Studies COURSES this upcoming Spring:
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Most pre-requisites * waived * at discretion of faculty – please email professor if you have questions (info listed in website).
ALL courses open, no restrictions in registration system.  ETHN 4102 sections & course descriptions BELOW… note the time changes!
ETHN 4102-005 Sex, Race and the City:
Thursdays 3:30- 6pm
This class explores sexuality, and various forms of “perversion” or “deviance,” as an entry point to the history of politics, culture, capitalism and community in the American city.   In addition to investigating cities as a stage for the nation¹s fantasies (and nightmares) about the “normal” vs. the “abnormal,” our course will engage urban areas as sites for major transformations in gender, sexual and racial norms across the nation and around the globe during the 20th century.
~ No Pre-reqs~
ETHN 4102-004: Race, Crime and Punishment in Modern America
Mondays 5:30-8pm 
This course offers a historical perspective on the origins of mass incarceration in the United States, what many scholars call “the carceral state.” Our course will investigate three themes. First, the racial history of the prison in Western society, from the impact of black enslavement upon contemporary modes of imprisonment to re-examining “the ghetto” as a prison without bars.  Second, we will engage the political history of criminal policies, with an emphasis on “mandatory minimums,” that have sent so many people of color behind bars. Third, we will engage how racial minorities, particularly African American men and women, have experienced imprisonment throughout the 20th century.  Focusing both on those imprisoned and those left behind, using scholarly works, fiction and music we will engage a wide range of material struggle to survive within the American prison system.
~ No Pre-reqs ~