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Environmental Internships & Fellowship Program with Environment Colorado


Apply to be an Environment Colorado intern TODAY.

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 I’m sure that many of you have seen the movie Gasland and are aware of the threats that natural gas drilling, or “fracking”, poses on our health and the health of our environment, both through drinking water contamination and the destruction of our forests and open spaces.

Mesa Verde National Park in western Colorado is just one place where the oil and gas industry is seeking to frack– near our national parks, within our national forests and dangerously close to drinking water sources for thousands of Coloradans.  We are working to make sure that these areas remain off-limits.

As the track record of fracking damage mounts, public awareness and grassroots pressure are growing.

This fall, we will be activating citizens and community leaders on this issue, working to show our elected officials where Coloradans stand and enlisting their support.

We know that we are going to face an uphill battle, with deep-pocketed opposition from oil and gas companies like Exxon-Mobil, and their allies in Congress.

We have the opportunity to ensure we don’t ruin our beautiful state and the public spaces that make Colorado so special.

If you agree that this is a problem that needs to be solved, apply to be an Environment Colorado intern TODAY.

As an intern, you’ll take on a leadership role coordinating one part of the campaign, helping Environment Colorado educate and engage more students and citizens on this issue, or on one of our other priority campaigns: Fighting Global Warming, Bringing a million solar roofs to Colorado, and Protecting Our Waterways. You’ll help us get the issue into the media, build coalitions, and organize events. You’ll even get to meet with elected officials and staff to help advance our goals. 

You can read more about our internships here.

And if you’re graduating this year: you can also apply for our Fellowship Program. It’s a two year crash course in environmental activism, organizing, advocacy and the type of institution-building that can sustain long-term battles like this one. You can read more about our fellowships here.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Lindsey A Wilson, Field Associate
Environment Colorado
303-573-3871 ext 329#





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