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January Academic Skills Workshops

START The Semester OUT RIGHT! 

Academic Skills Workshops

Your Path to Success!

All CU Students Welcome!

January 2014

Sharpening Your Study Skills

What are the Main Components of Excellent Study Skills?  10 ‘must-have’ skills to excel in your studies.  Strengthen what you do well; identify the areas to improve upon for your success.

Jan. 28 (T): 3-4pm

Fleming 150


Learning How to Learn:  Exploring your Learning Style

How do you learn the best?  How can you capitalize on this knowledge?  Study tips personalized for you!  Your personal learning style will make a difference in how you enjoy, study and retain information.  Identify your academic learning style, and strategies most effective for you.  Come in for the fun!

Jan.  29 (W): 2-3pm

Fleming  170


Organization: The Key to Success

Success starts with Getting Organized.  Learn effective ways to plan your semester and to head off potential problems.  It is a time-tested truth that organization matters


Jan.30 (Th): 3:30-4:30pm

C4C N320



Need help in any academic study area but can’t make it to the workshops offered?  Bring in your question(s) and we will help you identify what you can do to improve your academic skills!  Attending one of the workshops listed above can be extremely beneficial – students share helpful hints and experiences!  If those don’t work in your schedule, c’mon in!  First come, first served!

Jan. 22 (W): 1-3pm

Jan. 23 (Th): 2-4pm

Jan. 27 (M): 12-2pm

Fleming 190


Academic Skills Coordinator,  skills@colorado.edu,   (303)492-8761     Fleming 190

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