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Sign up for CU-LEAD Undergraduate Student Symposium! Free Workshop Preparation Series

Fourth Annual CU-LEAD Student Symposium, March 10, 2014.


The CU-LEAD Student Symposium is a one-day event where students are given the opportunity to display and present their work from the past year in professional environment and compete for $300.00 scholarships. The event features four workshops prior to the event for students to hone their skills in professional research and speaking. Students can earn $25 for participating in each workshop that will prepares them for competing for top presentation awards at the Symposium. Deadline to sign up has been extended! For more details and to sign up, visit the symposium website.

Or sign up for the symposium workshops here:

Workshop I.   Welcome and Preliminary Gathering of All the Presenters

Location/Date/Time: Koelbel DL Classroom S110 , Friday – February 7th, 4:30 – 5:30 pm

In this workshop we will outline the workshop series and preparation process leading up to the Symposium.  Regardless of your experience presenting publically, or presenting at a symposium or conference, you are gathering in a new interdisciplinary community to present your work.  This session is an introduction of all the student presenters, and an introduction about the programming of support we have for you.  The Workshop Series:

  • furthers your professional development in public speaking and knowledge about your fields
  • provides a community space to explore who you are in relation to the work you are doing
  • prepares you to think about the implications of your work, why it is important, and its relevance to the public good


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