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20th Annual Critical Geography Conference – CU Boulder 2/21-2/23


How have critical geographers’ engagements with social theory limited the scope of efforts to meet challenges posed by social movements and others outside the academy?  Can social movements generate alternative means of theorizing, taking Geography beyond its Anglophone tradition?  How might geographers engage that potential? How might engagement with these themes further reflection on geography’s reputation as a “white discipline”? What new methods and approaches to doing geography might this entail both in the field and in the academy?

Opening Keynote, ATLS 100, 4-5:30

Professor Richa Nagar, University of Minnesota; Muddying the Waters: Co-Authoring Feminisms Across Scholarship and Activism


SCHEDULE: http://www.cucriticalgeography.org/#!schedule/c1mja

The conference is organized around four themes

THEME 1:  “Geographies Otherwise” 
THEME 2: “The Critical Tradition, Revisited” 

THEME 3: “Decolonizing Methods” 

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