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March Career Services Events

March Career Services
4: Resumes That Rock

5:30-6:30pm, Norlin Library E303

5: Explore Majors & Careers*  

5:30-6:30pm, C4C, S350

6: Energy Frontiers Career and Networking Fair

3:30-5:30pm, UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom

11: Hot Jobs & Internships: Companies and Industries on Fire!

5:30-7:00pm, C4C Flatirons Room

12: Careers for a Cause – Fair & Expo

12:00pm-3:00pm, Performing Arts Center at
Naropa University

12: Resumes and Networking* 

5:30-6:30pm, C4C, S350

12: Teaching English Abroad: What’s It All About?

5:30-7:00pm, Continuing Education 140
18: International Alumni Share Job Search

Success Stories

5:00-6:00pm, C4C, S350

19: Internship/Job Search & Interviewing*

5:30-6:30pm, C4C, S350