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Freddie “Freak” Trujillo, Chicano Activist, Speaks at SORCE Chili Pot! Wed 3/19 11am


Freddie Trujillo will speak Tuesday, March 18, 11:00 in C4C Abrams Lounge and at SORCE’s Chili Pot, Wednesday, March 19, 11:00 (or so) in the Senior Dedication Lounge, UMC.

The speaker we invited is Federico Juan Trujillo, a colorful and extremely informative “in the trenches” activist of the late 1960s/early 1970s, also known as Freddie “Freak” Trujillo.  Freddie has continued to support the effort to keep alive the history of the Chicano Movement by providing presentations throughout Colorado, serving as a mentor/educator to Chicano/Latino students and by being the point person for establishing the only archive on Chicano Movement literature and artifacts in Pueblo, Colorado.  Freddie was responsible for getting CSU Pueblo to formally archive these materials in their research library on campus.

About Juan Federico Trujillo:

45 years ago, the first Educational Opportunity Programs were established on the UC-Boulder campus by virtue of the Civil Rights Movement.  Chicanos were the primary and most provocative activists of the demand for access to higher education opportunities not only for Chicanos, but for all underrepresented communities.  The Chicano activists in Boulder, Colorado, in particular, played key roles in shaping and bringing to fruition the ability to have the voices of all of these underrepresented communities heard at the policy and decision-making tables on campuses such as UC-Boulder.   The Chicano Movement in Colorado was the Civil Rights Movement in all of its glory and it was these activists that served as catalysts for robust social justice change on this campus

UMASyMEChA are two of the key Chicano/Latino student organizations who produced a number of the Chicano/a activists of the Colorado’s Chicano Movement.  We want to have the University community hear their stories of trial and tribulation by way of a speaker’s bureau.