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Community FoundationThe Community Foundation are excited to announce that we are now hiring School Readiness Coordinators in Longmont, Lafayette and Boulder, to help Latino parents of children ages 0-8 build the skills, knowledge and advocacy they need to effectively prepare their children for a life of successful learning.

These coordinators will work with The Community Foundation’s Director of School Readiness and our multiple civic partners to achieve the county-wide goal of ensuring more Latino children across Boulder County are ready for Kindergarten, and reading at grade-level by third grade. This initiative is squarely focused on closing the achievement gap.

Now we need your help recruiting the perfect candidates! Please visit Chris Barge’s blog for the full job descriptions, in English and Spanish. Please encourage great candidates to apply by April 25

 Please contact me or Chris at chris@commfound.org or 303-442-0436 with any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns.