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Art & Race / Ethnicity, Fall Course for Undergrads & Grads!



THURSDAY, 3:30 PM – 5:50 PM

VAC 1B23

Instructor: Dr. George Rivera








This course examines the impact of race and ethnicity on the art world in the United States. We will review the art of Native Americans, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Latin Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and others of ethnic and cultural mixing. The course is grounded in Critical Multicultural Theory and Postcolonial Theory.

Students in all majors are welcomed in this class. You do not have to be an art student to enroll in this class. This course is excellent for those students who want to learn about diversity through art. It guides you through the thinking behind the art so that you might understand cultural others in our own society better.

If you are majoring in Anthropology, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, or Sociology, this course would be a valuable addition to your education.

NOTE: If the prerequisites close you out of this class, just see Professor Rivera at the beginning of the first class and he will allow you to register by waiving this for you.

GRADUATE STUDENTS can receive graduate credit for this class by enrolling in ARTS 5217.


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